Songs in the Voting

Last Update: 8/17/19 for the voting that will create the 8/25-8/31/19 Chart

NOTE: There is no voting this week, so the songs are not listed at this time. Once I finalize the songs for the next voting, I will add them to this page. Until then, take a listen to the playlist…

Songs on the Fan Voted Chart” Spotify Playlist

This page contains a list of songs that are in the voting.

To vote each week, you have to get the link when I post it here, tweet it (@FanVotedChart) or post it on Facebook

Voting runs Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern US time until Thursdays at 7pm Eastern US time (this is Wednesdays at 9am to Fridays at 9am in Canberra for my Australian voters).

Weeks =
number of weeks the song has been on the chart (songs in their 30th week on the chart
Kept % = the minimum percentage of voters voting for the song in order for the song to remain in the voting after this week.
N/A =
percentage does not apply to how these songs are kept in the voting. For Level 10, the last place song is no longer in the voting after this week (songs in the voting on Level 10 for the first time are exempt). For all other Levels, the formula works out that any song in its 1st or 2nd week in the voting will make it to the next voting even without a single vote. Once songs hit their 3rd week, then the formulas apply (there is a different formula for the Entry Level and Levels 1 through 9).


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