What To Know

Last update: 2/18/20

On this page I attempt to give you the basics that you should know to have an understanding of how the Fan Voted Chart works.


  • This is one survey consisting of one poll for each Level, starting with Level 10 and working down to the Entry Level.
  • You may complete the survey once per Google/Gmail account.
  • Voting runs from 7pm Eastern US Time on Tuesdays until 7pm Eastern US Time on Thursdays (for my Australian voters, depending on the time of year that is either 9am or 10am on Wednesdays through 9am or 10am on Fridays).

Chart Eligibility

  • There are 8 sources songs come from
    • 90s #1 (a #1 from Billboard and/or Radio Records from the 1990s to celebrate one of the greatest decades in Country Music history)
    • Australia
    • Canada
    • Indie
    • Roots (combo of Americana and Bluegrass)
    • Texas Regional
    • United States
    • Tribute (any song that is added to chart to remember a recently deceased country artist, around the anniversary of a country legend’s death or on what would have been a special birthday for a country legend).
  • An artist is allowed to multiple songs in the voting at the same time, but each song must be added on different weeks and not the same week.


  • There are 10 Levels and an Entry Level
  • The number of songs on each Level has no limit; there will be a lot of songs on the Entry Level, but not so on the rest of the Levels.
  • The higher a Level a song is on, the more Points it has available to it to accumulate.
  • More information on Levels can be found by visiting the Level Information Page.


  • Songs are given Points based on where they finish in the voting for the poll they were on
  • Songs are also given Points based on the percentage of the vote they received.
  • In general, promoted songs are increased by more points than songs that are not promoted.
  • To see how points are awarded to a song, see the Point Information Page.

The Chart

  • After the voting has finished, the Points each song has earned is added to the total they have accumulated prior to that voting.
  • The chart is then sorted by the number of Points a song has earned, with the #1 song each week being the songs with the most points accumulated.

The Hits

  • The highest 100 songs are considered the Hit 100.
  • The Hit 100 is posted on the blog every week.
  • The entire chart is posted on the Fan Voted Chart Web Site

More information will be added as needed.  If you believe I am missing something or if something is unclear, please e-mail me at fanvotedchart@gmail.com so I can make revisions.