Point Information Page

On this page I explain how songs earn Points.

First, songs accumulate Points, meaning that whatever Points they earn in a given week, they keep as long as they are still in the voting.

The chart is created by sorting the songs by the amount of Points they have accumulated during their time in the voting.

During the voting, songs earn Points based on the percentage of the vote they get (“Percentage” Points) and what place they finish on the poll they are on (“Place” Points).

The total number of Points a song earns during a week is the sum of their “Percentage” and “Place” Points; that total is added to what they have earned prior to that week.

For “Percentage” Points, only songs on Levels 1 through 10 earn these Points; the amount is rounded to the nearest percent and sometimes the total awarded may not add to 100.

For “Place” Points, the following table shows how many points a song earns based on the Level it is on and what place it finished (for Levels 1 through 10):

The Rest0**********
Notes15 songs promoted9 songs promited8 songs promoted7 songs promoted6 songs promoted5 songs promoted4 songs promoted3 songs promoted2 songs promoted1 song promoted


Only the Top 15 songs on the Entry Level will receive “Place Points” in addition to points for the number of votes (Entry Level only…Levels 1 through 10 get Percentage Points)
I matched the most points for a promoted song from one level to the least amount of points for a promoted song on the next level; then, I added 5 until I got to the top;
Exceptions are Levels 9 and 10 where I made sure that 1st place earned more points than first on the previous level
Then, each song earned the same points for its place as the level before if it was not being promoted
*-If there are ever more than 15 songs on these Level (possible for the lower levels), songs will get points in descending amounts with 16th getting 14, 17th getting 13, and down until a song gets 1 Place Point.
*-All songs on Levels 1 through 10 will receive a Place Point, so we might see a situation where songs have the same number of Place Points on the same level (should be rare)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email at fanvotedchart@gmail.com