Point Information Page

On this page I explain how songs earn Points.

First, songs accumulate Points, meaning that whatever Points they earn in a given week, they keep as long as they are still in the voting.

The chart is created by sorting the songs by the amount of Points they have accumulated during their time in the voting.

Songs earn points based on the number of votes they get and what Level they are on.

All songs start on the Entry Level; while on the polls for the Entry Level, songs earn 1 Point per vote.

If a song is promoted to Level 1, it will still earn 1 Point per vote. See here for information on how songs get promoted to the next level.

Once a song gets to Level 2 or higher (up to Level 10), songs will earn Points per vote equal to the Level they are one (Level 2 = 2 Points per vote, Level 6 = 6 Points per vote, etc.).

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments or send me an email at fanvotedchart@gmail.com