Chart FAQ

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How do I vote? Where do I vote?
I post a link here, on Twitter and on Facebook each week for the voting. Click on that link, fill out the entire survey and click submit.

How do songs get added to the voting and therefore the chart?
I use a variety of websites, mostly airplay charts, to find songs for each of the 7 categories (Australian, Canadian, Indie, Roots, Texas Regional, “Tribute” and United States).

Can I request a song to be in the voting?
Of course! I just need to know the song and the artist and I will determine which of the categories it fits into best.

How do you decide that a song is no longer to be in the voting (I call it “Retirement”)?
I use a formula to determine the percent of the vote a song needs during the voting to be able to stay on the chart.  The formula is different depending on what Level the song is on (Levels 1 through 10 has a different formula that the Entry Level).

A song on the Entry Level has to receive a percentage of the votes greater than or equal to the number of weeks minus 2 (% = w – 2).  A song is subject to that formula for as long as it is on the Entry Level.  If a song gets promoted to Level 1, then it is subject to a different formula.

A song on Level 1 or higher has to received a percentage of the votes greater than or equal to .96 times the number of weeks minus 2.84 (% = .96w – 2.84).

Songs on Level 10 are not subject to a formula. Instead, there are three different results they have to avoid to stay in the voting.
#1) They cannot finish last (does not apply to songs on their first week on Level 10).
#2) If they are the #1 song on the chart, they cannot finish lower than 3rd.
#3) Once a song reaches its 21st week in the voting, it cannot finish lower than 4th.

Once a song meets one of the above requirements, it is removed from the voting and eventually the chart.  All songs are limited to 30 weeks in the voting and will be retired from the voting after their 30th week regardless of what percent of the vote they got.

Are there any exceptions to your “Retirement Policy”?
Yes, there is, but only for songs on Levels 1 through 9. The Top 5 songs in the voting for each Level from Level 1 through Level 9 is not retired even if it does not reach the percentage of votes the formula says it should. I do this to guarantee a reasonable minimum of 5 songs on each Level (4th and 5th plus the 3 songs being promoted to that Level).

Sometimes I have one or two songs that are really popular on the Level; typically this means that the majority of the rest of the songs do not get enough votes to make it to the next week. By keeping 5 songs guaranteed, I can minimize the “damage” that occurs in this scenario.

Can an artist have multiple songs in the voting at one time?
Artists are also only allowed to have one song on the chart at a time. If an artist releases a new song it is put on the Waiting List until the song currently in the voting is done. Also, the Roots Music Report tends to allow an artist to have more than one song on it at a time, so I usually am making the highest new entry from an artist the add with the rest of the songs being added to the Waiting List.

More questions to come soon…


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