Chart FAQ

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How do I vote? Where do I vote?
I post a link here, on Twitter and on Facebook each week for the voting. Click on that link, fill out the entire survey and click submit.

How do songs get added to the voting and therefore the chart?
I use a variety of websites, mostly airplay charts, to find songs for each of the 8 categories (90s #1, Australian, Canadian, Indie, Roots, Texas Regional, “Tribute” and United States).

Can I request a song to be in the voting?
Of course! I just need to know the song and the artist and I will determine which of the categories it fits into best.

How do you decide that a song is no longer to be in the voting (I call it “Retirement”)?
I have a list of conditions that if a song meets one of those conditions, it will be removed from the voting and the chart. See more information here.

Can an artist have multiple songs in the voting at one time?
Yes! Beginning in 2020, I now allow artist to have more than one song in the voting as long as the songs are not added in the same week as each other.

More questions to come soon…

Got a question? Ask me at and I will answer it. If I deem it worthy enough, I will add your question to this page!


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