Results: The Voting That Will Create the 2/16-2/22/20 Edition

DISCLAIMER: These are only the results from the voting that I am using to create the 2/16-2/22/20 Edition Chart; this is NOT THE CHART.  I only share these with everyone so they can see how the voting went and how many points each song is earning. The chart will be revealed Saturday night in the US (Sunday morning for my Australian voters).

PLEASE READ: The results each week determine how many points songs get added to their cumulative total.  First, songs get points based on where they finish in the voting on their poll (called “Place” points); these points are “set in stone” with the higher level getting more points for their songs.  Then, songs get points based on the percentage of votes they get (called “Percentage” points), rounded to the nearest percent. The total number of points a song is awarded is found by adding their Place points and their Percentage points together.  


For more information on how the results work, please visit the How the Chart Works page on the Chart Website or visit the Level Information Page and the Points Information Page found by using the menu at the top of the page.

We voted for 1 song on the polls for Level 10 to Level 6, 5 songs on the polls for Levels 5 to Level 1 and AT LEAST 10 songs on the Entry Level Poll. 

Italicized songs are songs that met one of the requirements for this being its final week in the voting and on the chart (more details in a future post).  

Bolded songs are being promoted to the next Level

Votes = number of votes received

Total = the total number of points the song earned this week (Place Points + Percentage Points)

NOTE: Due to how the results are listed on my end, only the Top 100 songs are listed for the Entry Level; 101st to last are lumped together in an “Other” category.  Therefore, I give songs outside the Top 100 one less vote than the song in 100th.

Here are the “condensed” results from this week:

Level 10SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Five Foot Feisty”Kevin Forrest Clark22628
2nd“The Weight of the Badge”George Strait21472
3rd“Hold On”Hootie & The Blowfish15287
4th“King of the Road”Roger Miller*12255
5th“The Father, My Son and the Holy Ghost”Craig Morgan9212
6th“Goin’ to Texas”Chris Moreau7176
Level 9SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Drinking Alone”Carrie Underwood20516
2nd“Go Tell It on the Mountain”Flat River Band17424
3rd“Rainbow”Kacey Musgraves14281
4th“What She Wants Tonight”Luke Bryan14266
5th“In Texas Tonight”Blue Highway13236
6th“10,000 Hours”Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber8182
Level 8SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Even Though I’m Leaving”Luke Combs21472
2nd“There Never Was a Time”Jeannie C. Riley18405
3rd“Keep on Going”Big Country Bluegrass15287
4th“I Hope You’re Happy Now”Carly Pearce and Lee Brice12255
5th“Redesigning Women”The Highwomen10218
6th“You Call It Texas, I Call It Home”Drew Moreland10193
Level 7SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“She Loves Horses”William Clark Green13376
2nd“Desperados Waiting for a Train”Steve Earle12355
3rd“Ode to Billie Joe”Dale Ann Bradley12345
4th“Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way”The Mavericks12255
5th“One More Shot of Whiskey”Josh Ward11224
6th“Mama’s Radio”Big Country Bluegrass10193
7th“Sit Back and Watch It Roll”Molly Tuttle8152
8th“When Will I Be Loved”Rebel Hearts8117
Level 6SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Bluebird”Miranda Lambert19385
2nd“It’s a Beautiful World”Sonny Morgan19375
3rd“Nobody’s Home”Clint Black**17359
4th“Bluegrass Melodies”Carolina Blue12320
5th“Blame It on Your Heart”The Mavericks9212
6th“The Bridge That Wouldn’t Burn”Kinky Friedman6170
7th“Dear Lonely”Emily Miller4128
Level 5SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Bluest Eyes in Texas”Breaking Grass39295
2nd“Stand by Me”Blue Moon Rising38284
3rd“Jesus Set Me Free”Derek Davis33273
4th“Horseshoes and Hand Grenades”Annie Rost31266
5th“If I Had a Cheating Heart”Lonesome River Band30260
6th“Tulsa Time”James Robert Webb28168
7th“Keeping the Past Alive”Ashley Cook27136
8th“Timeless”Dallas Smith26100
9th“Country Girls”Jess Moskaluke2458
10th“They Don’t Do That Anymore”Shayne Porter & The Shady Trees2246
11th“Train”Kristy Cox2143
12th“Heart of Mine”Allen Foster2041
13th“Asphalt and Concrete”Bri Bagwell1939
14th“Life Song”Blue Highway1938
15th“Big, Big Plans”Chris Lane1836
16th“Come Back Down”Flatland Cavalry1835
17th“One Night in Tulsa”Kylie Frey1733
Level 4SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“My Arms Stay Open All Night”Tanya Tucker**39270
2nd“Red Dirt Road Trip”Aly Cook34260
3rd“Unrung”Turnpike Troubadours30250
4th“Drunk Girls in Bathroom Lines”Heidi Raye28243
5th“Every Dog Has Its Day”Flat River Band28238
6th“The Last Thing on My Mind”Vanessa Bourne27231
7th“I Don’t Love You”Lindsay Ell27136
8th“Cryin’ Holy Unto the Lord”The Gospel Plowboys26100
9th“Tall in the Saddle”Curtis Lee Putman2458
10th“Feels Like Home”Hillbilly Rockstarz2347
11th“It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”Blue Moon Rising2346
12th“She Gave Us the Song”Tom Curtain2244
13th“Beer Can’t Fix”Thomas Rhett ft. Jon Pardi2243
14th“First Kiss”Kaitlyn Thomas2140
15th“Wish You Could Be My Girl”Nick Hedden2038
16th“Listen to the Radio”Smith & Wesley2037
17th“We Don’t Wanna Go Home”Alan Doyle ft. Dean Brody1632
Level 3SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Nobody but You”Blake Shelton ft. Gwen Stefani42249
2nd“Daddy’s Shoes”Gena Britt37233
3rd“Whiskey Road”Bill Abernathy31221
4th“Angels All Around Us”Connie Kis Anderson31216
5th“Cheatin’ Songs”Midland29204
6th“All My Friends”Armchair Boogie28193
7th“I Felt Good Today”Brandon Rhyder27181
8th“Whiskey in Your Water”Evan Felker26100
9th“What I See”LANCO2458
10th“When the Crops are Laid By”The Gospel Plowboys2448
11th“If You Wanna Know My Name”Band of Ruhks2346
12th“Bad Weather”Allison Moorer2244
13th“Don’t You Hear Jerusalem Moan”The Gospel Plowboys2243
14th“Cold Hard Truth”Po’ Ramblin’ Boys1938
15th“Big Dreams, Small Talk”Old Salt Union1836
16th“Everywhere but On”Matt Stell1633
17th“The Drovers”Emma Dykes1126
Level 2SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Where Am I Going?”Kathy MacKenzie37193
2nd“Before the Next Teardrop Falls”The Mavericks33178
3rd“On Second Thought”Eddie Rabbitt**32172
4th“Come See Me”David Ball31166
5th“I Could Dance With You”Aleyce Simmonds31161
6th“No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus”The Gospel Plowboys29154
7th“Statue of a Fool”Ricky Van Shelton**29144
8th“L.A. Freeway”Steve Earle28133
9th“My Favorite Memory”Amanda Cook2863
10th“Stoned on the One”John Schneider2448
11th“Candles Burning”Ashleigh Dallas2143
12th“Give Me Tonight”Brad Cox2041
13th“I Can’t Go Home Anymore”The Farm Hands2040
14th“Strange Woman”Backline1837
15th“I’m Leaving You”Blue Moon Rising1735
16th“Lovin’ and Lettin’ Go”Keeper of the Plains1633
17th“Will I Ever Know”Track 1451632
Level 1SongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“Southern Star”Alabama**19122
2nd“My Friend Fred”Sammy Kershaw19112
3rd“Whiskey and Tears”Clint Robin17100
4th“I Love Texas (And the Wildwood Flower)”Michael Ballew1790
5th“Carry Me Away”The Infamous Stringdusters1679
6th“Mamma’s House”Dustin Lynch1669
7th“Calhoun County”Amanda Cook1456
8th“Back to Dixie”Claybank1451
9th“Take the Journey”Molly Tuttle1446
10th“I Believe in You”Randy Moore1335
11th“Wine Thirty”Cheryl Cawood1334
12th“Whiskey or Me”Breaking Grass1333
13th“Bacon in My Beans”Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers1231
14th“Bulletproof”Ashley Puckett1230
15th“Shovel or the Gun”Savannah Leighton1229
16th“Pick Her Up”Hot Country Knights ft. Travis Tritt1228
17th“Strong Like the Whiskey”Carissa Biele1126
18th“I Can Tell by the Way You Dance”Hammertowne1125
19th“Resurrection”Kinky Friedman1023
20th“Wild Child”Vanessa Delaine1022
21st“Father of Bluegrass”Dave Adkins1021
22nd“What the Hell Has Happened to Country Music”James Marvell & Bobby G. Rice1020
23rd“Me and Lonesome Again”Blue Moon Rising917
24th“Tell the Truth”The Avett Brothers916
25th“Two Truths and a Lie”Sami Jo814
26th“Snowflake in the Wind”Bobby Bare813
27th“Times Were Good When Times Were Hard”Big Country Bluegrass812
28th“Wheel in the Sky”Dale Ann Bradley811
29th“Dad”Merle Monroe810
30th“Better Days a Comin'”Dave Adkins810
31st“Ex”Jennifer Belle810
32nd“Just a Little Crazy”Brandi Brehlen810
33rd“Whippoorwill”Merle Monroe79
34th“You Can’t Buy Your Way out of the Mines”Big Country Bluegrass79
35th“Viking”Innocent Eve79
36th“Pour Me”Grace Asbury68
37th“A Lot Like the Whippoorwill”Deer Creek Boys68
38th“Best Friend ‘Round the Block”Kylie Adams-Collier68
39th“I Can’t Think of One”Blue Highway68
40th“I’m a Big Deal When the Sun Goes Down”Hank & Ella with the Fine Country Band46
41st“Thanks for Nothin'”Claybank46
Entry LevelSongArtist/GroupVotesTotal
1st“No Matter How High”The Oak Ridge Boys**2252
2nd“Does to Me”Luke Combs ft. Eric Church1442
3rd“Sleep With One Eye Open”Della Mae ft. Alison Brown & Molly Tuttle1138
4th“Drink This Beer”Jason Custer Band1137
5th“If You Want to Get to Heaven”Blake O’Connor1136
6th“If I Get Drunk Tonight”Jeff Bates1135
7th“No Headlights”Kristy Cox ft. J.P.G.1033
8th“There’s a Record Book”The Chigger Hill Boys & Terri1032
9th“Wrong Done Right”Rick Faris1031
10th“Years”John Anderson1030
11th“She Gone”Randall King1029
12th“America’s Honky Tonk”Bobby Mackey927
13th“Bones”Caitlyn Shadbolt926
14th“Whiskey and Water”Austin Merrill925
15th“My Eyes Shall Be on Canaan’s Land”Hammertowne924
16th“Country Music Kinda Love”The Ashley Sisters99
17th“Can’t Take Back a Bullet”Breaking Grass88
18th“Alice in Wonderland”Kalie Shorr88
19th“The Hills of Caroline”Big Country Bluegrass88
20th“Heart Break”Backline88
21st“Drove Me to the Whiskey”Casey Donahew88
22nd“Fighting Demons”Shane Outen Band88
23rd“Old Time River Man”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Tim O’Brien88
24th“Ice on the Timber”Po’ Ramblin’ Boys88
25th“Burning Daylight”Travis Smith88
26th“Red Dirt Texas”Hayden Haddock88
27th“Diggin’ My Potatoes”Tim O’Brien Band88
28th“Everywhere I Go”Chakra Bleu88
29th“Next Train South”The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys88
30th“Son of a Ramblin’ Man”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Dan Tyminski77
31st“When We’re Both Old and Mad”Paul Kelly & Kacey Chambers77
32nd“Aunt Birdie’s Wing Back Chevrolet”Hammertowne77
33rd“Marry Me”Bryan Pereira77
34th“Home Away from Home”Ted Russell Kamp77
35th“20 Cent Cotton, 90 Cent Meat”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Tim O’Brien77
36th“Now It’s Back to the Old Home Place”Hammertowne77
37th“We All Start Somewhere”Richard Schroder77
38th“Comet”Kitchen Dwellers77
39th“He’s the One”Backline77
40th“Good Ol’ Bad Days”Aaron Goodvin77
41st“Some Back Road”Caden Gillard77
42nd“Farther Down the Line”Colebrook Road77
43rd“Saying Goodbye”J.S. Ondara77
44th“Drink You Away”James Garland77
45th“Never Is a Long Time”Rick Faris77
46th“I’d Rather Stand Alone”Chakra Bleu77
47th“Roll on Blues”Sideline77
48th“Picks in a Pocket”Adam Berry77
49th“Fool’s Moon”Cheryl Cawood77
50th“This Town”Merle Monroe77
51st“Dear Secret Admirer”Taylor Marie Wagner77
52nd“God Is”The Chigger Hill Boys & Terri77
53rd“Livin’ the Way It Used to Be”Jim and Lynna Woolsey66
54th“When I Go All Bluegrass on You”Donna Ulisse66
55th“Luckiest Man Alive”Benn Gunn66
56th“The Kindest Man”Merle Monroe66
57th“Tell Me So”Old Salt Union ft. Bobby Osborne66
58th“Long Live the Summer”Shannon Noll66
59th“I’ll Go With You”Williamson Branch66
60th“Great Courage”Destiny Band Oz66
61st“Sing One Song for Me”Nothin’ Fancy66
62nd“Smile”Jenni Dale Lord66
63rd“Help Me to Hold On”Balsam Range66
64th“Famous”Adam Doleac66
65th“Memories Not Dreams”Alyssa Trahan66
66th“The Rocket”Blue Moon Rising66
67th“Pussy Footin'”Chakra Bleu66
68th“How Can It Be”Craig Mecham66
69th“Happier Now”Kell66
70th“Tall Fiddler”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Tommy Emmanuel66
71st“Love, Your Hometown”Noe Palma66
72nd“Crash Course in the Blues”Sideline66
73rd“Texas Made”Weldon Henson66
74th“We Don’t Care Enough to Fight Anymore”Casey Baker66
75th“River Road Dreams”Curtis Grimes66
76th“Imperfection”Steve Helms Band66
77th“Bourbon Hound”Della Mae ft. Molly Tuttle & Avril Smith66
78th“A Little Less Alone”Derryl Perry66
79th“Prince Charming”Emily Miller66
80th“One Beer”Hardy ft. Lauren Alaina & Devin Dawson66
81st“Things I Shouldn’t Say”Meghan Patrick66
82nd“Bootlegger’s Blues”Hammertowne55
83rd“Run to Me”Mark Sebby55
84th“Friend of Mine”Samantha Mooney55
85th“Cold”Breaking Grass55
86th“Long Time Going”The Infamous Stringdusters55
87th“World of Lies”Joe Hott55
88th“Those Pictures Mean a Whole Lot More These Days”Hammertowne55
89th“Five Star Dive Bar”James LeBlanc & The Winchesters55
90th“I Just Can’t Get Enough of You”Jim Chesnut55
91st“Australia Is Burning”Norma O’Hara Murphy55
92nd“No Handle”The Panhandlers55
93rd“When We’ve Got Time for Love”Donna Ulisse55
94th“Beauty of My Dreams”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Del McCoury55
95th“Faith in Man”Rick Faris55
96th“The High Price of Surviving”Shane Nicholson55
97th“Cowboy up and Party Down”Jeff Huseman55
98th“Wild Horse”Mike Love Band55
99th“You, Me and a Bottle”Randy Rogers Band55
100th“Digging My Own Grave”Sideline55
“Callin’ Your Name”The Grascals44
“All for Money”Greensky Bluegrass44
“Lucky Girl”Claudia Nygaard44
“Both Ends of the Train”Blue Highway44
“Straighten the Curves”The Grascals44
“Hats”Mary Ann Markarian44
“Better Days”Backline44
“Honeybabe”Rick Faris44
“Long Forgotten Dream”Billy Strings44
“One’s Real Life”Jaelee Roberts44
“Wake the Dead”The Infamous Stringdusters44
“Return to Windy Mountain”Sideline44
“I’m Comin’ for Ya (Love)”The Buckleys44
“The Living Dread”Kitchen Dwellers44
“Leavings Up to You”Nothin’ Fancy44
“Oak Grove Shuffle”Jason Barie44
“Lonliness and Time”Volume Five44
“Tennessee Plates”Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper ft. Sam Bush44
“Charming Betsy”Band of Ruhks44
“Loose Talk”Carl Smith*44
“It’s Not Always Love”Jodi Vaughan44
“Kiss Dirt”Keely Johnson44
“One Last Tear”The Farm Hands44
“Pillow Talkin'”Tyler Joe Miller44
“Someone’s Everything”Darin & Brooke Aldridge44
“New Life”Alan Bibey & Grasstowne44
“Drive South”Derani44
“I’ll Talk It Over With Him”John Bowman44
“Away From the Mire”Billy Strings44
“Return to Dublin”Nothin’ Fancy44
“Road Signs and Highways”Claybank44
“Someone Else’s Picture”Hammertowne44
“B N Me”Band of Ruhks44
“Hate’s Decree”Rick Faris44
“Love Is an Awful Thing”Audie Blaylock & Redline44
“Everything’s the Same”Billy Strings44
“Take off Time”Claude Grey44
“Picture”Lauren Corzine44
“Good Medicine”Wendy Ford44
“Fallen Star Saloon”Blue Moon Rising44
“That’s How I Feel”Dori Freeman44
“Heart of Rosine”Donna Ulisse44
“Breaking Things”Mark Powell44
“Born With the Blues”Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley44
“For My Money”Brandon Lay44
“Like My Old Man”John O’Dea44
“Time Flies”Armchair Boogie44
“Midnight Blue”Rocky Scott44
“How ‘Bout This Weather”Justin Landers44
“Another Night”The Infamous Stringdusters44
“Honky Tonks Are Calling Me”Andy Martin44
“Salem Town”Backline44
“Never Been This Lonely”Bailey Rae44
“Must Be Seven”Billy Strings44
“Sweden”Chloe Styler44
“Absolute Surprise”Craig Cummings44
“Through the Jukebox”Donice Morace44
“Summer’s Here”FredBear44
“Carhartt Coat”Jared Hicks44
“Listen”Jim Lauderdale44
“Gotta Go Back to Work”Jody Booth44
“Pawn Shop Heart”Left Arm Tan44
“Digging Coal”Nothin’ Fancy44
“Southern Man”Southern Rebellion44
“That’s All I Need”Barry Lee White44
“Ranch Girl Dream”Carson Jeffrey44
“Money on You”Chad Brownlee44
“Natural Disaster”Craig Cummings44
“Every Damn Time”Drew Fish Band44
“Outlaw”Few Miles South44
“Spotlight”Frankie Justin44
“Blessed City”Merle Monroe44
“Sober This Morning”Reagan Hudson44
“If the Jukebox Disappeared”Ross McGregor44
“High Steppin'”The Avett Brothers44
“Old New, Borrowed and Blue”The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys44
“The Prisoner’s Song”Vernon Dalhart*44
“Leave Me to Cry”Audie Blaylock & Redline44
“That’s What I’m Made Of”Audre Belt44
“Front Page News”Billy F Otis44
“Whatcha Gonna Do”Brandon Adams44
“Test of Time”Craig Cummings44
“Soppin’ the Gravy”Deanie Richardson44
“Go Crazy”Keith Michael Kallina44
“Broken Hearts in Broken Hill”Lloyd Back44
“Never Grow out of It”Paul Bogart44
“Love Like a Love Song”Prophets and Outlaws44
“King Me”Rye Davis44
“Abandonitis”Terry Allen44
“Pack up Your Sorrows”The Seldom Scene44
“Country’s Just Cooler”Todd Barrow44

If you are interested in seeing the full results from this week’s voting, please click here to have a look at a copy of the spreadsheet I use to create the results each week.

Thanks for voting!  Please come back again next week!

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