Who Can Be #1 on the 2/9-2/15/20 Edition Chart?

NOTE: The voting link for this week can be found at the bottom even though that is not the primary focus of this post. Commenting on this post does not equal voting; you must click on the link and fill out the entire survey.

The Voting has opened, so who can be #1 on the 2/9-2/15/20 Edition Fan Voted Chart?
It’s official–”Five Foot Feisty” by Kevin Forrest Clark has expanded its points lead enough to be guaranteed to be #1.  This week’s chart will mark the 5th week at #1 for Kevin Forrest Clark.

Voting Info:
The voting that will create the 2/9-2/15/20 edition of the Fan Voted Chart will run from the time of this post until 7pmET on Thursday, 2/6 (9am in Canberra on Friday, 2/7 for my Australian voters).  The 2/9-2/15/20 edition chart will be announced at 7pmET on Saturday, 2/8 (9am on 2/9 in Australia).

To see what I usually refer to about points, please see my Point Information Page.

Voting Link:
To vote, you must have an account with Google (Gmail, etc.).  Click here and fill out the entire survey before the voting ends.  Thank you for your participation and support!!!

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