Preview, Part 2: Who’s New to the Voting (10/20-10/26/19 Edition)?

Below is a list of the songs that I am adding to the voting to create the 10/20-10/26/19 Fan Voted Chart.  To vote for these songs, watch for me to post the link on my blog (The Fan Voted Chart), tweet the link (@FanVotedChart) or post the link on Facebook (The Fan Voted Chart Facebook Page). You must have a Google account to vote and voting is limited to one vote per account.

Here are the new songs:

Rose Angelica“Thank a Farmer”IND
Graham Rodger“Knights of the Saddle”AUS
The Abrams“Good Old Days”CAN
Rob Heath“Just One Girl to Love”RM
James Marvell“Viriginia”IND
Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver“Shenandoah Breakdown” (Live)RM
Read Southall Band“Don’t Tell Me”TEX
Penny Jayne Black“Gone”USA
David Adam Byrnes“I Can Give You One”TEX
Charles Esten“A Road and a Radio”USA
Robert Ray“I Found You”TEX
Allan Caswell ft. Damian Cafarella“Bad Politics”AUS
Jeff Dugan“Hold On”TEX
Jeff Coltrec“This Fictitious Story’s True”IND
Ron & Dallena Thompson“Puttin’ on a Show”IND
Blake Shelton ft. Trace Adkins“Hell Right”USA
Rylee Nicholson“This Side of Sunday”IND
David Livingston“Love Lives On”IND
Mike and the Moonpies“You Look Good in Neon”TEX
Darrin Bradbury“Talking Dogs and Atom Bombs”RM
Dale Ann Bradley“Boat on the Ocean”RM
Mark Winston Kirk“The Cowboy and the Gypsy”TEX
Kacey Musgraves“Rainbow”USA
Bellamy Brothers“Over the Moon”TEX
Brad Morgan“Grain of Salt”USA
Sara Storer“Hayrunner”AUS
Ron Ramsey, Jr.“Comin’ Back Home”IND
Mike Ryan“Dear Country Music”TEX
Sam Hunt“Kinfolks”USA
The Highwomen“Redesigning Women”USA
Luke O’Shea & Lyn Bowtell“Sing Me a Story”AUS
Warren H. Williams ft. Genise Williams & Nicholas Williams”“Let Us Stand Together”AUS
Tania Kernaghan“Here’s to It”AUS
Paige King Johnson“Water Down the Whiskey”USA
Cedar Hill“Who’s Gonna Pray for Me”RM

The songs are added to the chart in this order, which was determined using the random number feature on my spreadsheet; this order is the tiebreaker order for as long as these songs are on the Entry Level together; if the songs get promoted to Level 1 or higher, the usual chart tiebreakers are in place.

Source Key:

AUS = Australia
CAN = Canada
IND = Indie
RM = Roots Music (combo of American and Bluegrass)
TEX = Texas Regional
USA = United States (major and minor labels)
TBT = Tribute (songs added in memory of a Country Music Hall of Famer, an artist who recently passed away, or an artist who influenced my love of Country Music that has passed away)

Voting Info:
The voting to create the 10/20-10/26/19 Chart will run from 7pmEDT on Tuesday, 10/15 until 7pmET on Thursday, 10/17 (10am in Canberra on Wednesday, 10/16 until 10am in Canberra on Friday, 10/18 for my Australian voters).  The 10/20-10/26/19 Chart will be announced on Saturday, 10/19 at 7pmET (10am on Sunday, 10/20 in Canberra).


    1. You are welcome! If you can direct me to your Facebook or Twitter pages, if you have them, I can tag you when the voting starts so you can share the link to vote with your fans.


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