Who Can Be #1? (10/13-10/19/19 Edition Voting Has Opened)

NOTE: The voting link for this week is at the bottom of this post.

The Voting has opened, so who can be #1 on the 10/13-10/19/19 Edition Fan Voted Chart?
With “God’s Country” no longer in the voting, Blake Shelton is no longer guaranteed to have the #1 this week.  “God’s Country” is on the chart this week as an “encore” but will have given up 10% of its earned Points; that puts it at 818 Points for the chart.  Only one song has a chance to catch it this week–”Dusty Gravel Road” by The Family Sowell. They will eventually have the #1 song because they have one of the most dedicated voting fanbase I have had in the history of my voting, but it is highly unlikely this week will be it #1 this week.  If “Dusty Gravel Road” wins the Level 10 Poll (highly likely), it will gain 40 Place Points, which puts it at 730 Total Points (currently has 690). In order to be #1, they have to win the Level 10 Poll by receiving at least 89% of the votes (highly unlikely). Theoretically there is a chance, but realistically speaking it would take a lot of the regular voters deciding to take the week off for it to happen.  Odds are largely in favor of “God’s Country” spending its final week on the chart at #1, which will be its 9th overall week at the top.

Voting Info:
The voting that will create the 10/13-10/19/19 edition of the Fan Voted Chart will run from the time of this post until 7pmET on Thursday, 10/10 (10am in Canberra on Friday, 10/11 for my Australian voters).  The 10/13-10/19/19 edition chart will be announced at 7pmET on Saturday, 10/12 (10am on 10/13 in Australia).

To see what I usually refer to about points, please see my Point Information Page.

Voting Link:
To vote, you must have an account with Google (Gmail, etc.).  Click here and fill out the entire survey before the voting ends.  Thank you for your participation and support!!!

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