Voting Preview, Part 1: Who’s Out (10/13-10/19/19 Edition)

The main purpose of this post is to announce what songs met the requirements for retirement from the voting during the voting for the previous chart.  To be retired from the voting means that the song will not be in any future voting and will be removed from the chart soon.  

There are three categories for the ways a song can be retired:

  1. By percentage of the vote (applies for all songs except those on Level 10 and only to those songs who did not finish in the Top 5 on the poll).
  2. Met certain conditions while on the Level 10 Poll
  3. Just spent its 30th week on the chart (the current time limit)

Retirement Category #1: Songs Who Missed Their Percentage:
The following songs did not get the percent of the votes needed; the “% Difference” column shows how short the songs were of their needed percentage:

ArtistSong% Difference
Mike Auldridge“Walking the Floor Over You”-0.03
Ashley Puckett“Medicine”-0.19
Corinne Cook“Mr. Mechanic”-0.19
No Justice“More to Live For”-0.19
Joe Diffie“As Long As There’s a Bar”-0.60
John King“Try Saying Goodbye”-0.61
Rob Heath“Ticket to Everywhere”-0.61
THW“Lonely Girl”-0.61
Chris Knight“I’m William Callahan”-0.61
Darlinghurst“Sorry Won’t Get You Back”-0.61
Morgan White“Good Thing Gone”-0.88
Tom Curtain“We’re Still Here”-0.88
Rodney Crowell ft. Randy Rogers & Lee Ann Womack“Flatland Hillbillies”-0.94
Allan Caswell“Country Copper”-1.03
Xavier Joseph“Never Been to Texas”-1.03
Dale Ann Bradley“Pretty, Dark Hearted Emma Brown”-1.03
Blue Moon Rising“We’ll Meet Again Sweetheart”-1.14
Jerrod Medulla“Treat Me This Way”-1.31
Chad Cooke Band“Life Behind Bars”-1.31
Russell Boyd“Asking You to Ask Me”-1.31
Dean Perrett“The Ballad of Black Caviar”-1.73
Noah Schnacky“I’ll Be the One”-2.19
The Lowdown Drifters“Won’t Find Me Anymore”-2.31
Mark Sebby“Friday Night”-2.31
Doc Watson“Sitting on Top of the World”-2.52
Parmalee“Be Alright”-2.95
Kacey Musgraves“Lonely Weekend”-2.97
Jim Martin“Lonesome Cowboy”-3.15
Gary Kyle“American Flags”-3.40
Cassi Marie“Scars on My Heart”-3.68
Brandi Behlen“Daddy’s Money”-4.33
Sarah White ft. Dave Matthews“Sweetheart”-8.93

Retirement Category #2: Level 10
Each week, there are certain conditions songs have to avoid while on the Level 10 Poll in order to remain in the voting.  Here are the conditions:

  1. Last of the eligible songs (songs are not eligible to be retired when it is their first week on Level 10)
  2. The reigning #1 song finishes lower than 3rd on the Level 10 Poll
  3. Any song in the voting for 21 or more weeks has to finish 4th or higher.

Last on Level 10 Poll: “Love Me Anyway” by P!nk ft. Chris Stapleton

Status of Current #1: Due to a late surge in the voting for another artist on Level 10, “God’s Country” by Blake Shelton, finished 4th in the voting this week, so it will be retired.

Status of songs in the voting for 21 or more weeks and not at #1: This did not apply to any songs this week.

Retirement Category #3: Timed Out
The songs listed here are being retired from the voting either because the artist has requested the song to be retired or the song has now spent 30 weeks on the chart, which is the most a song is permitted to be in the voting.

None this week.

Voting Info
The voting to create the 10/13-10/19/19 Edition Fan Voted Chart will run from 7pm Eastern US Time on Tuesday, 10/8 until 7pm Eastern US Time on Thursday, 10/10 (this would be from 10am in Canberra on Wednesday, 10/9 until 10am in Canberra on Friday, 10/11 for my Australian voters).  The 10/13-10/19/19 Edition Fan Voted Chart will be announced on Saturday, 10/12 at 7pm Eastern time (that is Sunday, 10/13 at 9am in Canberra for my Australia voters).

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