Slight Points Change: Negative Points

Once the chart is revealed later today, you will notice that some songs have -5 points. After switching the point format to no longer have to add to a specific number, I planned to make a change at the beginning of 2020 where all songs would lose a minimum of 5 points even if they went into negative points. I was sorting the songs so when they were retired they would drop to the bottom of the chart while still having 0 points. I then decided to let them sort with the rest of the songs so they would make a small climb on the chart. After last week’s chart had songs that were not in the voting that gained over 70 spots on the chart, I decided that it made more sense to start the change now and not to continue to allow the possibility a song jumps a huge amount while not in the voting, which would hold back some movement of songs that are in the voting.

From now on, all songs will lose a minimum of 5 points on their “Encore” week even if it drops them into the negatives.

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