Who’s New? Part 2 of the 9/1-9/7/19 Chart Voting Preview

Below is a list of the songs that I am adding to the voting to create the 9/1-9/7/19 Fan Voted Chart.  To vote for these songs, watch for me to post the link on my blog (The Fan Voted Chart), tweet the link (@FanVotedChart) or post the link on Facebook (The Fan Voted Chart Facebook Page). You must have a Google account to vote and voting is limited to one vote per account.

Here are the new songs:

Kip Moore“She’s Mine”USA
Trea Landon“Loved by a Country Boy”USA
Cory M. Coons“Long Road (Dead Man’s Dream)”IND
Dianne Lindsay & Peter Simpson“Out There”AUS
John King“Try Saying Goodbye”USA
Rob Heath“Ticket to Everywhere”RM
THW“Lonely Girl”USA
Jimmy Bowen“Blood Red Moon”IND
Maren Morris“The Bones”USA
Allan Caswell“Country Copper”AUS
Chris Knight“I’m William Callahan”TEX
Angel Edwards“Thank God It Didn’t Work Out”IND
Brooke Woods“Ain’t Kissing Nobody”USA
Jesse Raub, Jr.“Good Times”TEX
Jessica Mitchell“Somebody Gonna Get Hurt”CAN
Edgar Loudermilk ft. Jeff Autry“Lonesome Riverboat Blues”RM
Dungarees“Twenty Something”CAN
Ashley Puckett“Medicine”IND
Riley Green“I Wish Grandpas Never Died”USA
Steven Lee Olsen“Hello Country”CAN
Neycia Lyn“Old Fashioned Love”IND
Randy Travis“Lead Me Home”IND
Corinne Cook“Mr. Mechanic”IND
The Lowdown Drifters“Won’t Find Me Anymore”USA
Paul Bogart“I’m Just Saying”IND
Viper Creek Band“Blue Jean Jacket”AUS
Ashley Best“Nothing Ever Seems to Do”IND
Amy Jack“Shake and Bake”USA
Riley Redding“Afraid of the Dark”TEX
Caitlin Nicole“Differently Abled Man”IND
James Thomas Band“Eileen”IND
Tiffany Woys“Hostage”USA
Jamie Talbert & The Band of Demons“All I Know”TEX
Don Amero“Music Lover”CAN
Genevieve Fisher“Outta Towners”CAN
Xavier Joseph“Never Been to Texas”TEX
Stephan Hogan“Gypsy Girl”USA
Darlinghurst“Sorry Won’t Get You Back”AUS
Richard Lynch & Leona Williams“Another Honky Tonk Song”IND
Mason Hope“The River”AUS
Alan Turner“Mile Marker #1”RM
Bianca de Leon“Thorns of a Different Rose”RM
Mark Sebby“Friday Night”TEX
Dale Ann Bradley“Pretty, Dark Hearted Emma Brown”RM
Rodney Atkins“Thank God for You”USA
The Seldom Scene“Everybody’s Talkin'”RM
No Justice“More to Live For”TEX
The Caleb Daugherty Band“Burnt the Sawmill Down”RM
Blake Harlow“Topless”USA
AJ Sanders“Chevy and Daddy”USA
Madeline Merlo“Dear Me”CAN

The songs are added to the chart in this order, which was determined using the random number feature on my spreadsheet; this order is the tiebreaker order for as long as these songs are on the Entry Level together; if the songs get promoted to Level 1 or higher, the usual chart tiebreakers are in place.

Source Key:

AUS = Australia
CAN = Canada
IND = Indie
RM = Roots Music (combo of American and Bluegrass)
TEX = Texas Regional
USA = United States (major and minor labels)
TBT = Tribute (songs added in memory of a Country Music Hall of Famer, an artist who recently passed away, or an artist who influenced my love of Country Music that has passed away)

Voting Info:
The voting to create the 9/1-9/7/19 Chart will run from 7pmEDT on Tuesday, 8/27 until 7pmET on Thursday, 8/29 (9am in Canberra on Wednesday, 8/28 until 9am in Canberra on Friday, 8/30 for my Australian voters).  The 9/1-9/7/19 Chart will be announced on Saturday, 8/31 at 7pmET (9am on Sunday, 9/1 in Canberra).

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