Preview of the Voting to Create the 7/21-7/27/19 Fan Voted Chart, Part 2: Who’s New?

Below is a list of the songs that I am adding to the voting to create the 7/21-7/27/19 Fan Voted Chart.  To vote for these songs, either watch for me to post the link on my blog (The Fan Voted Chart), tweet the link (@FanVotedChart) or post the link on Facebook (The Fan Voted Chart Facebook Page). The link will also be included on other posts at the Fan Voted Chart blog while the voting is open; I post the link at the open of the voting and when there is 24 hours left; all these posts are connected to Twitter and Facebook.   

You must have a Google account to vote and voting is limited to one vote per account.

Here are the new songs:

Larry Cordle“We Blame the Devil”RM
John Hiatt“All the Way to the River”RM
Steven Curtis Chapman“Where the Bluegrass Grows”RM
Dale Watson“Call Me Lucky”TEX
Tim Johnson“Beachbound”USA
Clay Hess Band“Blue Yodel #2”RM
Leona Williams, Ron Williams & Bluegrass Martins“Something About a Solider”RM
Breaking GrassWhiskey or Me”RM
Jessica Mauboy“Little Things”AUS
Wilson Brothers Band“It All Looks Good From Here”USA
Joe Lasher, Jr.“That’s Gonna Get You Kissed”USA
Deer Creek Boys“Southbound Train”RM
Rob Breese“Stuff That Works”AUS
The Mountain Home Family“We’ll Never Walk Alone”RM
Danny Burns ft. Tim O’Brien“Great Big Sea”RM
Red Clay Union“Homegrown”USA
Phillip Sanders“I Don’t Think I Will”IND
Della Mae ft. Avril Smith“Whipping Post”RM
The Two Tracks“Birds Eye View”RM
Lydia Loveless“How Many Women”IND
Kiefer Sutherland“Something You Love”USA
Danny Kenzie“Country Without Jones”IND
The Lonely Heartstring Band“The Other Side”RM
Amanda Cook“Will You Be Leaving”RM
Mile Twelve“Down Where the Drunkards Roll”RM
Teddy Robb“Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”USA
Jeff Clayborn“I Reckon”USA
Allison deGroot & Tatiana Hargreaves“Wabash Blues”RM
Irene Kelly“Cabbage Head”RM
Kenny Chesney“Tip on My Tongue”USA
Josh Ritter“The Torch Committee”RM
Blanco Brown“The Git Up”USA
Gone West“What Could Have Been”USA

The songs are added to the chart in this order, which was determined using the random number feature on Excel; this order is the tiebreaker order for as long as these songs are on the Entry Level together; if the songs get promoted to Level 1 or higher, the usual chart tiebreakers are in place.

Source Key:

AUS = Australia
CAN = Canada
IND = Indie
RM = Roots Music (combo of American and Bluegrass)
TEX = Texas Regional
USA = United States (major and minor labels)
TBT = Tribute (songs added in memory of a Country Music Hall of Famer, an artist who recently passed away, or an artist who influenced my love of Country Music that has passed away)

Voting Info:
The voting to create the 7/21-7/27/19 Chart will run from 7pmEDT on Tuesday, 7/16 until 7pmET on Thursday, 7/18 (9am in Canberra on Wednesday, 7/17 until 9am in Canberra on Friday, 7/19 for my Australian voters).  The 7/21-7/27/19 Chart will be announced on Saturday, 7/20 at 7pmET (9am on Sunday, 7/21 in Canberra).

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