The Voting Is Open! Who Can Be #1 on the 5/26-6/1 Chart?

NOTE: The voting link for this week is at the bottom of this post.

The Voting has opened, so who can be #1 on the 5/26-6/1 Chart?
The answer to this question until further notice will be “Speak Love” by The Family Sowell; their song has such a big lead in points and has been getting such great support that it will be #1 until it either times out or if they request to move on from it.  The 5/26-6/1 Chart will be a record-extending 17th week that The Family Sowell will have topped this chart with “Speak Love.” NOTE: This week and next are the last two weeks “Speak Love” will be in the voting, so its time on the chart is nearing an end.

Voting Info:
The voting that will create the chart that will be displayed the week of 5/26-6/1/19 will run from 8pmET on Tuesday, 5/21 until 8pmET on Thursday, 5/23 (11am in Canberra on Wednesday, 5/22 until 11am in Canberra on Friday, 5/24 for my Australian voters).  The 5/26-6/1/19 Chart will be revealed at or after 8pmET on Saturday, 5/25 (that would be late in the morning of 5/26 in Australia).

To see what I usually refer to about points, I update my Point Distribution Info page weekly prior to this post.  If interested, please check it out to see where I am getting my numbers from.

Voting Link:
To vote, you must have an account with Google (Gmail, etc.).  Click here before the voting ends and fill out the entire survey.  Thank you for your participation and support!!!

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