3/31-4/6 Voting Preview: Who’s Out?

The main purpose of this post is to announce what songs met the requirements for retirement from the voting during the voting for the previous chart.  To be retired from the voting means that the song will not be in any future voting and will be removed from the chart soon. 

There are four ways a song can be retired—it fell short of the percentage of votes it needed during voting for the 3/24-3/30/19 Fan Voted Chart, it finished last place on Level 10, it was the #1 song and finished lower than 3rd on the Level 10 Poll or the song reached its time limit in the voting.  Retired songs will still be on the next chart we vote for (the 3/31-4/6/19 Chart), losing at least 10% of their previous points total to give to the other songs (a minimum of 5 Points lost; not to fall below 0 Points).  Each song will then be removed before the next chart is created (the 4/7-4/1319 Chart).

Songs Who Missed Their Percentage:
The following songs did not get the percent of the votes needed; the “% Difference” column shows how short the songs were of their needed percentage:

Artist Song % Difference
The Misty Mountain String Band “Muddy Muggy Mississippi” -0.03
Charles Parker “Say Goodbye” -0.04
Jonathan Byrd “We Used to Be Birds” -0.04
Wayne Garner   “Break Me Down” -0.04
Tegan Marie “I Know How to Make a Boy Cry” -0.04
Kylie Rae Harris “Big Ol’ Heartache” -0.04
Cory M. Coons “Crumbs” -0.04
Amy Helm “River of Love” -0.08
Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road “I Don’t Want to Lose You” -0.11
The Cactus Blossoms “Please Don’t Call Me Crazy” -0.27
Mark Knopfler “Trapper Man” -0.32
The Wolfe Brothers “Country Heart” -0.32
James Barker Band “Keep It Simple” -0.45
Tex Ritter “I’m Wasting My Tears on You” -0.62
Brian James Schram “Ya Got Me Reelin'” -0.63
Codie Prevost “In My Book” -0.67
JK Coltrain “Cowboy Prayers” -0.67
T.J. Sparks “Margarita Monday” -0.67
Shelly Jones Band “Merle” -0.70
Maggie Rose “Pull You Through” -0.76
Becky Buller “John D. Champion” -0.76
Rebekah Long “I’ve Seen the Light” -0.84
Angela Easson “Call the Police” -0.86
Rylee Nicholson “This Ol’ T-Shirt” -1.13
Rich O’Toole “Texas Queen” -1.13
Beccy Cole “Wine Time” -1.27
Jase Lansky “Somebody to Love” -1.27
The Browns “The Three Bells” -1.27
Dani Flowers “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” -1.45
Rose Knight “Hell on Whiskey” -1.63
Tia McGraff “Stubborn in My Blood” -1.63
Left Arm Tan “Shortcut to Oblivion” -1.82
Karen Eden “Blue Jeans” -2.04
Kristy James “Everything to Nothing” -2.04
Hardy “Rednecker” -2.04
Deep Creek Road “Fast As Your Car” -2.04
Prairie States “Just Maybe” -2.22
Tim Hicks “What a Song Should Do” -2.22
Travis Collins “Road Warriors” -2.22
Joshua Ray Walker “Working Girl” -2.22
Jimmie Allen “Make Me Want To” -2.27
Zach Stone “Sorry and Lonely” -2.63
Paul Brandt “Lie Like That Again” -2.63
Jade Marie Patek “Love’s to Blame” -2.63
Mitchell Tenpenny “Alcohol You Later” -2.63
Kylie Adams-Collier “On a Sandstone Ridge” -2.67
Sonny Morgan “It’s a Beautiful World” -2.82
Adam Capps “The Beat Goes On” -2.82
Chris Bellamy “Do You Hear Me” -3.04
Jeff Stone “Honey Do” -3.22
Showpony Express “Mighty Murray River” -3.22
Danny Burns ft. Critter Fuqua, Holly Williams, Jerry Douglas & Sam Bush “Look Into Her Eyes” -3.22
Stetson Walker “That’s When the Party Starts” -3.41
NewTown “Forgotten War” -3.41
Bill Nash “Til You” -3.41
The Stray Birds “Quicksilver Highway” -3.41
Sugarcane Jane “Cabin on the Hill” -3.72
Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles “Lucky Rocks” -4.82
Shelley Minson “Good News Bad News” -5.04

Level 10 Rules:
Each week, the song that finishes last on the Level 10 Poll will be retired.  In addition, if the current #1 song finishes lower than 3rd on the Level 10 Poll, then the song is retired.

Last on Level 10 Poll: “She Gets What She Wants” by Clay Walker

Status of Current #1:  “Speak Love” by The Family Sowell, the #1 song on last week’s chart, won this week’s Level 10 Poll and therefore will continue in the voting.

Automatically Retired Songs:
The songs listed here are being retired from the voting either because the artist has requested the song to be retired or the song has now spent 30 weeks on the chart, which is the most a song is permitted to be in the voting.

No songs are being automatically retired this week.

Voting Info:
The Voting to Create the 3/31-4/6/19 Chart will run from 4pm Eastern US Time on Tuesday, 3/26 until 4pm Eastern US Time on Thursday, 3/28 (7am in Canberra on Wednesday, 3/27 until 8am in Canberra on Friday, 3/29 for my Australian voters).  The 3/31-4/6/19 Chart will be revealed on Sunday, 3/31.

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