2/17-2/23 Chart Voting Preview: Who Can Be #1?

Who Can Be #1 on 2/17-2/23 Chart?
There are only two songs with a chance to be the #1 song this week based on how many points are available for the songs to earn—last week’s #1 “Speak Love” by The Family Sowell and “Leave Her Wild” by Sundance Head.  Here’s a review of how each can be #1:

“Leave Her Wild” (576 points): Despite a decent finish in the voting last week, “LHW” actually lost ground on the current number #1 falling 6 points further back.  This week, there are not many bonus points available, so it’s going to take a big week for “LHW” to get to #1.  If “LHW” wins the Level 10 Poll and “Speak Love” finishes last, “LHW” gains 14 points; then, “LHW” has to get 21 more of the bonus points, which will require getting nearly 75% more of the votes.  While there exists the possibility that “LHW” can get there, it doesn’t look promising.  Final Verdict: Long shot…needs a miracle.

“Speak Love” (611 points):  Last week, “SL” started off very slow and halfway through the voting looking like it may not make it to another week.  However, the voters finally showed, rallying to win the Level 10 Poll and increase the lead in points that “SL” has.  As long they finish 3rd place or higher each week to stay in the voting, “SL” will remain at #1. Final verdict: So close to being a 100% guarantee to be #1, but there is still a chance they won’t.

Voting Info:
The voting to create the 2/17-2/23/19 Chart will run from 4pmEDT on Tuesday, 2/12 until 4pmET on Thursday, 2/14 (8am in Canberra on Wednesday, 2/13 until 8am in Canberra on Friday, 2/15 for my Australian voters).  The 2/17-2/23/19 Chart will be revealed on Sunday, 2/17.

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