1/27-2/2/19 Hit 100 Highlights

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Who’s #1?
Even though there was a chance that “Love Wins” by Carrie Underwood could fall out of #1 on its final week in the voting, neither song that could catch it did.  Therefore, “Love Wins” spends a 3rd and final week at #1 on this week’s chart.

Rest of the Top 10

  • #2) “Speak Love” by The Family Sowell (up 1)
  • #3) “Leave Her Wild” by Sundance Head (down 1)
  • #4) “What Makes You Country” by Luke Bryan (no change)
  • #5) “I’m Diggin’ It” by Jessie Lynn (up 1)
  • #6) “Little Girl” by BJ Holloway (up 2)
  • #7) “Hear I Am” by Dolly Parton & Sia (no change)
  • #8) “Stronger Than Me” by Garth Brooks (up 2)
  • #9) “Make It Sweet” by Old Dominion (up 3)
  • #10) “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn (down 1)

Hit 100 Debuts
This week, there were 12 Hit 100 debuts.

# Artist/Group Song
81 Ronnie Milsap ft. Billy Gibbons “Southern Boys and Detroit Wheels”
86 Rivershine “The Lover”
87 Flashback “Born to Be With You”
88 Jetty Road “Because We Can”
90 First Ladies of Bluegrass “The Girl I Left Behind”
91 Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper “Shallow”
92 Maggie Rose “Pull You Through”
94 Sam Lewis “Great Ideas”
97 The Farm Hands “Good Things”
98 Becky Buller “John D. Champion”
99 Sugarcane Jane “Cabin on the Hill”
100 Josh Turner “I Saw the Light”

Highest Hit Song From Each of the Sources:

  • Australia: “This Love” by Hayley Jensen at #19 (up 11)
  • Canada: “Today’s Not My Day” by Codie Prevost at #26 (down 2, last week on the chart)
  • Indie: “I’m Diggin’ It” by Jessie Lynn at #5 (up 1)
  • Roots: “Speak Love” by The Family Sowell at #2 (up 1)
  • Texas Regional: “Never Knew Texas” by the Darrin Morris Band at #25 (up 3)
  • United States: “Love Wins” by Carrie Underwood at #1 (no change)
  • Tribute Songs: “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn at #10 (down 1)

Want to see the entire Fan Voted Chart?
On the Hit 100 page, there are two links about the chart.  One link takes you to the Chart Website; the other link takes you to the Chart Page on the website that allows you to see the full chart with details on every single song that is on this week’s chart.

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