Potential 2019 Changes Post

I have made many changes in the past year or so to try to improve the chart in any way possible. I made a series of changes for 2019 in order to finalize a lot of these changes. My goal for 2019 is not to make any changes at all, but there is at least one potential change that I may have to make.

For the first few months of 2019, I am going to look at the percentage that I use to determine whether a song stays in the voting or not and see if any adjustments have to be made when the polls for Levels 1 through 9 have 8, 9 or 10 songs on them. I am hoping that the formula I am using will mean that songs will still have a good change of staying in the voting when there are a lot of songs on a poll and one song gets a huge percentage compared to the rest. If I determine that there needs to be an adjustment to the formula, it will just be a factor that decreases the needed percentage when there are a lot of songs on the poll.

Hopefully, IF I make this change that it is the only one I make for all of 2019. For those who have only been following the Fan Voted Chart recently have seen a lot of changes. I used to only make changes at the end of the year, but as the chart has gained in popularity, I have discovered better ways to do things and have had to make changes based on some vulnerabilities. I feel really good about where the chart is headed for 2019 as things should be simpler to understand and take less time for me to put together each week.

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