Voting Open: 12/30/18-1/5/19 Chart

Before I post this week’s link, I want to let everyone know that the method I use to determine what year a chart is in makes this week’s chart the first for 2019. Even though the voting takes place entirely during 2018, the chart is not a 2018 chart. When I decide on what year the week of New Year’s Day falls in, I go by which year has the most days in this week. Since 12/30/18 to 1/5/19 has 2 days in 2018 and 5 in 2019, this week’s chart is considered a 2019 chart. This means that any changes I have posted about will be in effect beginning this week. If you missed any of the changes, please feel free to scroll through the posts to see what they are.

That said, voting is open now and runs until 4pm Eastern on Thursday, December 27th (that would be 8am in Canberra for my Australian voters). To vote, click/tap here and fill out the entire survey.

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