12/2-12/8/18 Fan Voted Chart Highlights

NOTE: Click here to go to the Top 75 page.

Who’s #1?
All “Shield of Faith” by Alison Krauss & Union Station had to do to be #1 this week was finish 3rd or higher.  Well, it finished 3rd and therefore gained enough points to jump past both songs ahead of it.  This is the first #1 for Alison Krauss & Union Station, though Alison has been in the background of two other Fan Voted Chart #1s (“Whisky Lullaby” by Brad Paisley in 2004 and “Come Find Me” by Alabama in 2016 [9 weeks at #1]).  I find it ironic that of the songs that have been released to the Roots Music Report in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their breakthrough album Every Time You Say Goodbye, that they would go #1 on a song that Alison does not have the lead vocals on…go figure?

Rest of the Top 10

  • #2) “Turnin’ Me On” by Blake Shelton (down 1)
  • #3) “Millionaire” by Chris Stapleton (down 1)
  • #4) “Love Wins” by Carrie Underwood (no change)
  • #5) “Leave Her Wild” by Sundance Head (up 1)
  • #6) “Your Love” by Backline (up 2)
  • #7) “Dear God” by Hunter Hayes (down 2)
  • #8) “Cotton Eyed Joe (instrumental)” by Sideline (up 4)
  • #9) “Girl Like You” by Jason Aldean (down 2)
  • #10) “Bring It on Over” by Billy Currington (down 1)

Hot Song
“Cotton Eyed Joe (instrumental)” by Sideline was the Hot Song this week.  The Hot Song is the song with the highest Vote Score* during the voting for the chart each week and receives 25 Bonus Points on top of what it earned where it finished in the voting.

Top Debut
“You Were Mine” by Amanda Cook was this week’s Top Debut, debuting at #66.  The Top Debut is the song making its first appearance in the Top 75 this week at a position higher than any of the other debuts.

Other Top 75 Debuts
This week, there were 6 other Top 75 debuts:

# Artist/Group Song
67 Big & Rich “Brand New Buzz”
68 Sister Sadie “No Smoky Mountains”
69 Garth Brooks “Stronger Than Me”
71 Roy Clark “Come Live With Me”
74 The Spur 327 Band “Beneath the Texas Sunset”
75 Kendall Gary “Road Trip”

Highest Hit Song From Each of the Sources:

  • Australia: “I Can Almost Smell the Smoke” by Kristy Cox at #42 (no change, last week on chart)
  • Canada: “Young as We Are Tonight” by Terri Clark at #14 (down 1)
  • Indie: “Little Girl” by BJ Holloway at #31 (up 8)
  • Roots: “Shield of Faith” by Alison Krauss & Union Station at #1 (up 2)
  • Texas Regional: “Texas State of Mind” by Clint Burgess at #48 (up 5)
  • United States: “Turnin’ Me On” by Blake Shelton at #2 (down 1)
  • Tribute Songs: “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn at #62 (up 7)

Want to see the entire Fan Voted Chart?
On the Top 75 page, there are two links about the chart.  One link takes you to the Chart Website; the other link takes you to the Chart Page on the website that allows you to see the full chart with details on every single song that is on this week’s chart.

*–Vote Score = # of Votes divided by the Probability of Receiving a Vote.  This formula was instituted for the Hot Song beginning with the voting for the 2/22-2/28/15 Chart, but was renamed Power Score for the “Power of the Vote” song starting with the 8/23-8/29/15 Chart.  Eventually, the song name was changed back to the Hot Song and the score was called the Vote Score beginning with the 8/28-9/3/16 Chart.

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