Songs Retired Because of the 11/11-11/17/18 Voting

The main purpose of this post is to announce what songs met the requirements for retirement from the voting based on percentage of votes during voting for the 11/11-11/17/18 Fan Voted Chart and therefore will no longer be in the voting.  These songs will still be on the next chart we vote for (the 11/18-11/24/18 Chart), losing at least 10% of their previous points total to give to the other songs (a minimum of 5 Points lost; not to fall below 0 Points).  Each song will then be removed before the next chart is created (the 11/25-12/1/18 Chart).

Qualifying Songs:
The following songs did not get the percent of the votes needed; the “% Difference” column shows how short the songs were of their needed percentage; “3rd week, no votes” is a song who was in its 3rd week in the voting and did not receive any votes (a song in it’s 3rd week in the voting just has to get a vote to stay in the voting; from the 4th week on, they have to acquire a percentage of the votes):

Artist Song % Difference
Marty Rivers “Louisiana Girl” -0.08
Allan Caswell ft. Jen Mize “Powerful Thing” -0.11
Courtney Dickinson “Freedom” -0.11
Troy Kemp & Jayne Denham “Hung up on You” -0.11
Jamie Richards “She Remains” -0.23
Trey Gonzalez “Here I Am” -0.23
Honkytonk Special “Just Go Crazy With My Heart” -0.23
Jerry Wicentowski “Love Letters in the Sand” -0.23
Jada Vance “Rear View Revival” -0.23
Briana Renea “Chasin’ Trouble” -0.23
Rose Angelica “Here Comes My Baby Back Again” -0.23
ClayBank “Shingletown” -0.45
Kyle Jennings “Chose to Be a Man” -0.57
JoJo Mason “Future” -1.06
Nathan Osmond “Welcome to the Party” -1.17
Payton Taylor “Whiskey on My Wings” -1.17
Liz Frame & The Kickers “Lookin’ for a Lonely Man” -1.17
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn “Take Me to Harlan” -1.51
Lucas Hoge “To Go With the Whiskey” -1.51
Shooter Jennings “Bound Ta Git Down” -2.36
Darin & Brooke Aldridge “No End in Sight” -2.73
Alejandro Escovedo “Sonica USA” -3.06
Waterloo Revival “Wonder Woman” -3.06
LoCash “Feels Like a Party” -4.21
Runaway June “Buy My Own Drinks” -4.58
Danielle Bradbery with Thomas Rhett “Goodbye Summer” -4.58
Bri Bagwell “If You Were a Cowboy” -5.16
Cody Johnson “On My Way to You” -5.34
Nikita Karmen “Nightmare” 3rd week, no votes
Jim Stanard “Meant to Say” 3rd week, no votes
The Watson Twins “Rolling Thunder” 3rd week, no votes
Claudia Hoyser “Drinkin’ With the Boys” 3rd week, no votes
Jacki Stone “Like Hell It’s Yours” 3rd week, no votes
Tom Mackell “Hannah” 3rd week, no votes
Eddie Sanders “Run a Little Faster” 3rd week, no votes

Automatically Retired Songs:
The other reason for this post to announce what songs are being automatically retired from the voting.  The songs listed here are being retired from the voting either because the artist has requested the song to be retired or the song has now spent 30 weeks on the chart, which is the most a song is permitted to be in the voting.

No songs are being automatically retired this week.

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