Chart Record Update: “Lullaby” by Backline Breaks Roots Music Source Record Peak

With its climb from #4 to #3 this week, “Lullaby” by Backline has broken the previous mark of #4 for a Roots song, which was set earlier this year by Alison Krauss & Union Station’s “Choctaw Hayride.”  The Roots source on my chart is a combination of Bluegrass and Americana songs that I find on the Roots Music Report’s respective chart.  To qualify for this source, the song has to be listed as “NEW” on either the Bluegrass or Americana chart at Roots Music Report.

Earlier this year, I merged Americana and Bluegrass into one source since there was a small number of Americana songs being added when I used to have people vote to add them to the chart (it was my old Nominating Polls).  Even though I have returned to every song being added to the chart, I decided to keep the two sources merged since they come from the same website.

I mention all this in order for those who may be relatively new to the Fan Voted Chart to become a little more familiar with how I find songs to add.  I only allow one song per artist at a time, so I maintain a Waiting List for these artists.  Backline actually had a large number of songs appear on the RMR Bluegrass chart in a two week span, with “Lullaby” actually being the 2nd of those songs to be added to the chart.  With the support shown by Backline fans during this process, there is plenty of opportunity for Backline to rack up a lot of major hits here on the chart.

The next step for Backline and their fans is to see if they can become the first Roots #1 single!  With continued support, it is possible, but the further up the chart, the harder it is to climb ranks, usually needing a song above you to be retired to gain ground.  Best of luck Backline!

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