7/1 Edition Retired Songs Announcement

The main purpose of this post is to announce what songs met the requirements for retirement from the voting based on percentage of votes the 7/1 Edition of the Fan Voted Chart Voting and therefore will no longer be in the voting (with one exception).  These songs will still be on the next chart we vote for (the 7/8 edition), losing at least 10% of their previous points total (a minimum of 5 Points lost, not to fall below 0 Points).  Each song will then be removed before the next chart is created (the 7/15 edition).

The exception: each week, the song(s) that miss their required percent of votes by the smallest amount is (are) saved from removal.  Note: songs have to have received a vote in order to qualify for the exception (a song that does not receive a vote during its third week in the voting by the way I do this would technically be the closest and get the exception, but that is contrary to the point of the exception, which is to give a song who had votes and might have been a vote or two short of staying in the voting a second chance).

Qualifying Songs:
The following songs did not get the percent of the votes needed; the bolded song(s) was/were saved (see paragraph above); the “% Difference” column shows how short the songs were of their needed percentage.

Artist Song % Difference
Shannon Slaughter “Find Your Own Highway” -0.30
Jeff Jacobs Band “Having Too Much Fun” -0.30
Clay Hollis “Can’t Let a Good Thing Get Away” -0.30
Paul & Betty Cole “Tennessee Moon” -0.30
Dungarees “Don’t Hold Back” -0.30
Catherine Britt & The Cold Cold Hearts “Red Dirt” -0.59
Claire Lynch “Safe Haven” -0.59
Wild Feathers “Big Sky” -0.59
The Price Sisters “Love Me or Leave Me Alone” -0.59
Ashley Monroe “Hands on You” -0.72
Michael Lynne “Beautiful Cry” -1.20
Genevieve Fisher “Between You and Me” -1.91
Mipso “Edges Run” -2.00
Hayley Martsen “Money Can’t Buy Class” -2.00
Ernie Thacker “Church Upon the Hill” -2.00
Becci Nethery “Beautiful Life” -2.30
Tim Stafford “Wildwood Flower” -2.59
Richard Schroder “Wildest Dreams” -4.30
Jason James “Here Comes the Heartache” -4.30
Krystal Keith & Lance Carpenter “Anyone Else” -4.30
Dennis Ledbetter “Motel Blues” -4.30
George Dearborne “Tumbleweed” -4.30
Jake Owen “I Was Jack (You Were Diane)” -4.55
Studeo “Our Perfect Place to Be” -5.08
Brandon Alan “Another Day” -6.00
Rebekah Long “Run Away” -8.00
Blue Moon Rising “He Arose” -10.00
Grant Gilbert “Part of You” 3rd week, no votes
Anderson East “King for a Day” 3rd week, no votes
Birds of Chicago “Love in Wartime” 3rd week, no votes

Automatically Retired Songs:
The other reason for this post to announce what songs are being automatically retired from the voting.  The songs listed here are being retired from the voting either because the artist has another song entering the voting next week or the artist has requested the song to be retired.  One other way a song is automatically retired is if the song has spent 30 weeks in the voting, which is the most a song is permitted to be in the voting.

No songs are being automatically retired this week.

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