Vacation Coming in Early August, Several Changes to Follow

I will be on vacation August 6th through 11th, so the voting for that week will not take place.  Per the chart policy, the August 12th chart will be the same as the August 5th chart.  Each song on the chart will accrue a week on the chart, which will impact the percentage of votes the song will need as well as count towards the number of weeks the song can be in the voting (30 week max).

Like I did in April when I went on a work-related trip, I will be making some changes when the voting returns for the August 19th chart.  Here they are:

  1. If a song falls short of the percentage of the votes it needs, the song is retired.  The change here is that I am no longer “saving” the song that misses the percentage by the smallest amount.  It is the rare case where the song I save goes on to stay in the chart for a while after that week (it has only happened once that a song had a bad week and then stayed in for a long time after that).  Most times, the song misses the percentage by a lot more the following week and therefore is retired.
  2. I am changing the formula for the percentage a song needs on Levels 2 through 10.  The formula for songs who have been in the voting less than 20 weeks will now be 1.125 times the number of weeks minus 2.5 (1.125x – 2.5).  I wanted to make a formula where I can match the Level 1 policy of if a song does not get a vote at all from Weeks 3 on that it will no longer be in the voting.  Once a song reaches its 20th week, the percentage needed will still equal the number of weeks in the voting.
  3. The way I distribute points will change.  This is the 2nd edit to this post for this part as I have come up with a better idea!  I will still no longer change the points 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. gets based on the number of songs it has.  However, the amount each song gets on each poll will actually be different the further up the levels.  As it comes closer to the change, I will make a special post just for it.  I also am still going to change the bonus point distribution to Level 10 to just be an extra point for each song.
  4. There will now only be one survey. There are two reasons for this change.  First, I believe I need more votes on Part 1 to get more accurate results, especially when it comes to determining songs to retire based on percentage.  The second reason is when I had one survey, it cut down on the number of people who would vote multiple times from one device.  When I originally split into multiple surveys, it was based on the advice of someone who told me that the amount of polls was cumbersome to voters.  Since then, I have cut out an entire part of the voting and the survey site I use now allows me to select a minimum number of votes on a poll larger than 1 (hence why Part 1 is now on one poll).

These changes will take effect beginning August 14th, which is when I open the August 19th Edition Voting.

Questions or concerns?  Please post in the comments! Thanks!

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