3/25 Edition Top 75 Highlights: Randy Moore Repeats at #1

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Who’s #1?
“Refuge” by Randy Moore won the Level 10 Poll during the voting for the 3/25 chart and that ensured a second week at #1 for the song.

Rest of the Top 5

  • #2) “Six Strings and Diamond Rings” by Taylor Hicks (no change)
  • #3) “Can’t Slow Down” by the Dushane Band (no change)
  • #4) “Choctaw Hayride” by Alison Krauss & Union Station (up 1)
  • #5) “Still the Same” by Sugarland (up 3)

Hot Song
“Daddy Dance With Me” by Krystal Keith was the Hot Song this week, which helped it climb from #56 last week to #39 on this week’s chart.  The Hot Song is the song with the highest Vote Score* during the voting for the chart each week and receives 5 Bonus Points on top of what it earned where it finished in the voting.

Top Debut
“Run Wild Horses” by Aaron Watson was this week’s Top Debut, debuting at #61.  The Top Debut is the song making its first appearance in the Top 75 this week at a position higher than any of the other debuts.

Other Top 75 Debuts
This week, there was 13 other Top 75 debuts:

# Artist/Group Song Source
62 Chris Young “Hangin’ On” USA
63 Ashley McBryde “A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega” USA
64 Kelsea Ballerini “I Hate Love Songs” USA
65 LoCash “Don’t Get Better Than That” USA
66 Maren Morris “Rich” USA
67 Daryle Singletary “I Let Her Lie” IND
68 Cole Swindell “Break up in the End” USA
69 Vanessa Delaine “Feels So Good” AUS
71 Kamber Cain “Your Love Is Like a Sunday” USA
72 Aaron Pritchett “VW Bus” CAN
73 Danielle Bradbery “Worth It” USA
74 Sundance Head “Everything to Lose” TEX
75 Nora Jane Struthers “The Words” RM

Highest Hit Song From Each of the Sources:

  • Australia: “Always on My Mind” by Jessica Mauboy & Warren H. Williams at #21 (up 11)
  • Canada: “We Ran Out” by Justin LaBrash at #45 (down 5)
  • Indie: “Refuge” by Randy Moore at #1 (no change)
  • Roots: “Choctaw Hayride” by Alisom Krauss & Union Station at #4 (up 1)
  • Texas Regional: “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound” by Cody Jinks at #11 (up 2)
  • United States: “Can’t Slow Down” by the Dushane Band at #3 (no change)

Want to see the entire Fan Voted Chart?
On the Top 75 page, there are two links about the chart.  One link takes you to the Chart Website; the other link takes you to the Chart Page on the website that allows you to see the full chart with details on every single song that is on this week’s chart.

*–Vote Score = # of Votes divided by the Probability of Receiving a Vote.  This formula was instituted for the Hot Song beginning with the voting for the 2/22-2/28/15 Chart, but was renamed Power Score for the “Power of the Vote” song starting with the 8/23-8/29/15 Chart.  Eventually, the song name was changed back to the Hot Song and the score was called the Vote Score beginning with the 8/28-9/3/16 Chart.

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