Previewing the 3/25 Edition Voting: Moore and Hicks Once Again Compete for #1

Thanks for taking the time to read any of this post, which I use as a way to inform you about the upcoming 3/25 Fan Voted Chart Voting, where Parts 1 and 2 make the 3/25 Edition Chart and Part 3 helps determine what songs to add to the 4/1 Edition Chart.

Who Can Be #1?
Once again, Taylor Hicks (“Six Strings and Diamond Rings” with 367 points) and Randy Moore (“Refuge” with 369 points) are competing for #1 on the Fan Voted Chart!  This week, I won’t need to give full details on the point distribution in order to lay out the scenarios for either to make it #1.  It’s this simple—whichever song gets the most votes earns #1 on the 3/25-3/31/18 chart

Note: Moore (needing 25% of the votes), the Dushane Band (23%) and Hicks (22%) are in need of a large percentage of the votes to stay in the voting another week.  With only one other song on Level 10 for the voting this week, it’s definitely possible that all three will reach their required percentages, but it could be possible that one or more of them don’t.

Who’s In, Who’s Out of the Voting?
To see what songs that are now in the Chart Creation (Part 2), the songs removed from the Chart Creation (Parts 1 and 2), and what songs are now on the Testing Polls (Part 3), please refer to my 3/18 Voting Results, Part 3, and my 3/18 Removed Songs and 3/25 Adds posts.

Each song that is “Out of the Voting” will still be on this week’s chart as an “encore” but is removed afterwards.  As part of this “encore” each song will lose 10% of their previous points (5 Points minimum, always rounded to the next whole number) to simulate a fall down the charts before removal.

Level Movement
The following table outlines the movement of songs up levels or off of the chart so you can see how many songs will be on each poll and how many songs are moving up a level.

Level Songs on This Week’s Poll Songs on Level, Not on Poll* Songs Removed From the Chart** Songs Moving up a Level (or two)
10 4 0 4 N/A
9 6 0 2 4
8 6 0 2 6
7 6 2 0 6
6 5 3 0 2 to Level 8, 3 to Level 7
5 5 2 1 3 to Level 7, 2 to Level 6
4 6 0 2 3 to Level 6, 3 to Level 5
3 8 0 0 3 to Level 5, 5 to Level 4
2 7 0 1 3 to Level 4, 4 to Level 3
1*** 140 10 15 4 to Level 3, 8 to Level 2

*-all songs get an “encore” week after being removed from the voting (didn’t get the required percent of votes or the artist has a new song in the voting).  When a song is on its “encore” week, it still counts towards the 8 songs on the level.
**-after a song’s “encore” week, it is removed from the chart and a spot opens up on the level.  The songs on the level below are able to move up to take the open spot and therefore creates an open spot on that level.  The number of songs moving up off a level is always equal to the number of songs removed from the levels about it.
***-there is no limit to the number of songs on Level 1.  The numbers provided in this row are merely for your information.

Point Distribution
Based on what poll a song is on and what place it finishes in will determine how many points the song will have added to its cumulative total.  There is a total of 2,162 points to redistribute this week (5 extra to the Hot Song, 2,177 to split between all the songs) to get to the 10,000 points distributed to all the songs on the chart. The final distribution total is announced with the results post.  The total number of points to redistribute is found by adding up the points that removed songs had in their last week on the chart plus the 10% of points songs lose between their last week in the voting and the last week on the chart.  Basically, songs give up the points they had earned over their chart run and those points are redistributed to the songs that are in the voting.  For more information on how the chart works, please visit

Nominated Songs Polls Preview
This week there are 95 total songs on the Nominating Polls, with 19 songs on the Australian Poll, 9 on the Canadian Poll, 10 on the Indie Poll, 23 on the Roots Poll, 16 on the Texas Regional Poll and 18 on the United States Poll.  The song(s) with the most votes on each poll will be added to the chart next week.  I also add “Wild Cards” which are any song that did not win a poll, but was ranked in the Top 20% of songs (for more information on Wild Cards, click here).

Voting Info:
Voting in the 3/25 edition voting will run from 4pmEDT/8pmGMT on Tuesday, 3/20 until 4pmET/8pmGMT on Friday, 3/23.  The chart will be revealed on Sunday, 3/25.

To see what songs are on the chart (Parts 1 and 2) and what songs are nominated for the chart (Part 3) this week, please see the Songs in the Voting page.


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