Top 75 Highlights for the 2/25 Edition Chart: Taylor Hicks Claims #1 (Finally); Jason Aldean’s Latest Leads the Debuts While Being the Hot Song

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Who’s #1?
After spending 9 weeks in the Top 3 and narrowly missing out twice on becoming #1, “Six Strings and Diamond Rings” by Taylor Hicks has finally landed at #1 here on The Fan Voted Chart.  For Hicks it is his first #1 here.

Rest of the Top 5

  • #2) “Refuge” by Randy Moore (no change)
  • #3) “For the First Time” by Darius Rucker (down 2)
  • #4) “The Older I Get” by Alan Jackson (no change)
  • #5) “God and My Girlfriends” by Reba McEntire (up 1)

Hot Song
“You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean was the Hot Song this week, which helped it climb from #78 last week to #60 on this week’s chart.  The Hot Song is the song with the highest Vote Score* during the voting for the chart each week and receives 5 Bonus Points on top of what it earned where it finished in the voting.

Top Debut
“You Make It Easy” by Jason Aldean was this week’s Top Debut, debuting at #60.  The Top Debut is the song making its first appearance in the Top 75 this week at a position higher than any of the other debuts.

Other Top 75 Debuts
This week, there was 6 other Top 75 debuts:

# Artist Song Source
67 Morgan Evans “I Do” AUS
70 Kevin Fisher “I Wish You Were Beer” RM
71 Lee Ann Womack “All the Trouble” USA
72 Erick Florence “Front Porch Dancin'” IND
73 Carrie Cunningham “Whiskey Kisses” IND
75 JJ McGuigan ft. Scott Spriggs “In All Honesty” RM


Highest Hit Song From Each of the Sources:

  • Australia: “I Don’t Dance” by Shane Nicholson at #33 (down 1)
  • Canada: “We Ran Out” by Justin LaBrash at #47 (up 2)
  • Indie: “Six Strings and Diamond Rings” by Taylor Hicks at #1 (up 1)
  • Roots: “Choctaw Hayride” by Alisom Krauss & Union Station at #9 (up 1)
  • Texas Regional: “Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound” by Cody Jinks at #20 (up 1)
  • United States: “For the First Time” by Darius Rucker at #3 (down 2)

Want to see the entire Fan Voted Chart?
On the Top 75 page, there are two links about the chart.  One link takes you to the Chart Website; the other link takes you to the Chart Page on the website that allows you to see the full chart with details on every single song that is on this week’s chart.

*–Vote Score = # of Votes divided by the Probability of Receiving a Vote.  This formula was instituted for the Hot Song beginning with the voting for the 2/22-2/28/15 Chart, but was renamed Power Score for the “Power of the Vote” song starting with the 8/23-8/29/15 Chart.  Eventually, the song name was changed back to the Hot Song and the score was called the Vote Score beginning with the 8/28-9/3/16 Chart.

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