2/18 Voting Adds: 40 Songs Nominated

The following songs were nominated this week to be on the Fan Voted Chart:

Artist Song Source
Amanda Pruitt “Strong” RM
Angelica Grim “Runaway Ramp” RM
Ashla Taylor “Nothin’ About Love” USA
Beppa Gambetta “Tecumseh” RM
Brad Hudson “I Wonder What You See in Your Dreams” RM
Brett Young “Mercy” USA
Cash Campbell “Cannonball” USA
Dan Davidson “Say We Did” CAN
Donna Cunningham “Better Days to Cry” IND
Ed Romanoff “A Golden Crown” RM
Eli Tidmore “Don’t Forget” USA
Emily Kirsch “I’m Gonna Have a Little Talk” RM
Erick Florence “Front Porch Dancin'” IND
Gina Timms “Sailor Boy” AUS
Harry Luge “Drunk in My Drink” TEX
Heidi Raye “Junkyard” USA
High Valley “Young Forever” CAN
Jay Michaels “Hittin’ Close to Home” IND
Jay Walker “Bubba Hyde” IND
Jimmie Allen “Best Shot” USA
Jodie Crosby “Man Like You” AUS
John Schneider “Fish” USA
Kristy Cox “I Still Pray” AUS
Liam Brew “Shotgun” AUS
Maren Morris “Rich” USA
Margo Price “All American Made” RM
Mike Love Band “Get Going” TEX
Mike Ryan “The Rewrite” TEX
Peggy Rains with Billy Parker “I’ll Never Be Free” IND
Remington Ryde “A Few Old Memories” RM
Robert Ray “Drunk Enough” TEX
Shannon Noll “Land of Mine” AUS
Smith and Jones “Your Achin’ Heart” AUS
Sonia Langham “Love Hurts” USA
Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers “Office Supplies” RM
Tenille Arts “Moment of Weakness” USA
The Churchmen “Living Waters” RM
The Lynnes “Heartbreak Song for the Radio” RM
Tim Stafford “Backseat Blues” RM
Wilson Banjo Co. “Catfish John” RM

Each song will be included on Part 3 of the Voting, which is the Nominating Polls.  For more information, please visit the Chart FAQ page.

Source Key:

AUS = Australia
CAN = Canada
IND = Indie
RM = Roots Music (combo of American and Bluegrass)
TEX = Texas Regional
USA = United States (major and minor labels)

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