Chart Records Update: Most Points, Single Song (2018 on)

We have a new chart record that is actually a modified version of a previous record–most accumulated points by a single song.

Each week, the place a song finishes on the poll that it is on determines how many points the song gets added to its cumulative total.  The chart is then determined by sorting the songs by points from highest to lowest.  Songs on the higher levels (10, 9, 8, etc.) tend to get more points than the song at the bottom, so the further a song climbs, the more points it gains.

With the way I determine how many points to “distribute” there is no maximum number of points a song can have.  Last year, I started making it so that the accumulated points for all the songs added up to 5,000.  Throughout the year, I had to add to that total to continue to distribute them using the method I had determined.

Beginning this year, I decided to set the total points at 10,000 and adjust my distribution method.  Because of the increase in points, there are more for songs to acquire, which naturally means a song can end up with a lot more points than in 2017.

Therefore, my record for Most Points, Single Song, now will have a 2017 record and a “2018 on” record.  I think I have finally found a point distribution method that I can maintain rather easily with a few tweaks when needed that would be easy to explain.

So, long story short…”I Can Count on You” by Jennifer Mlott recently acquired enough points to end a week with 314 points, which surpassed the 2017 record of 297 Points, which inspired me to make this post.  Once “I Can Count on You” has ended it’s run or if another song passes it (unlikely), then I will announced what the record to beat is.


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