1/14 Voting Adds Post: 13 Songs Nominated

The following songs were nominated this week to be on the Fan Voted Chart:

Artist Song Source
Deer Creek Boys “High Wire” RM
Jerry Salley “A New Spin on an Old Heartache” RM
Kellie Pickler “If It Weren’t for a Woman” USA
Larry Sparks “Heart Trouble” RM
Mark Kuykendall & Bobby Hicks “Wicked Path of the Sin” RM
Montgomery Gentry “Better Me” USA
Nothin’ Fancy “A Daisy a Day” RM
Preston Ary “Country for Life” IND
Rebekah Long “Georgia Bound” RM
Tom Ewing “She Looked a Lot Like You” RM
Trout Steak Revival “You Are Not Alone” RM
Venus Ferrari “I’ll Never Abandon You” IND
Walker McGuire “Lost” USA

Each song will be included on Part 3 of the Voting, which is the Nominating Polls.  For more information, please visit the Chart FAQ page.

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