24 Songs to Be Added to the 12/31 Edition Voting

Here are the songs that will be added to the 12/31/17 edition voting as part of Part 3: The Nominating Polls:

Artist Song Source
Bebe Rexha ft. Florida Georgia Line “Meant to Be” USA
Bill Nash “Back the Badge” IND
Candy Fernaux “Gone Fishin'” USA
Cedar Hill “Journey of Faith” RM
David Livingston “I Love You Jesus” IND
Iain Archibald Band “Living in a Small Town” AUS
Jasmine Rae “Fly Away” AUS
Jessica Mauboy & Warren H. Williams “Always on My Mind” AUS
John Reischman & The Jaybirds “Daylighting the Creek” RM
Lonesome River Band “Ida Red” RM
Luke Bryan “Most People Are Good” USA
Matt Patershuk “Hot Knuckle Blues” RM
Matt Scullion “Favourite Distraction” AUS
Mike Barnett ft. Tim O’Brien “Mary and the Soldier” RM
Nicki Rezac “Where Have I Been All My Life” IND
Sharon Heaslip “Where Has My Australia Gone” AUS
Simply Bushed “No More Holdens” AUS
Sundance Head “Everything to Lose” TEX
The Powell Brothers “Coming Home” TEX
Thomm Jutz “Atlanta (Please Don’t Let Me Down)” RM
Tim Elliott “I Got You” USA
Tim Stafford “Hillbilly Neighbor” RM
Tyler Stephens “Margarita Monday” IND
Wild Fire “One” IND

The 12/31/17 Edition Voting, which primarily will help make the 12/31/17-1/6/18 Chart, will be open from 4pmET on Tuesday, 12/26 until 4pmET on Friday, 12/29.

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